Project specifications

A key need for an early-stage biopharmaceutical company is to confirm early market research efforts and to gain a deeper understanding of the gastroenterology therapeutic area in the US and Europe. Specifically, to confirm……

  • Current treatment approaches and unmet needs
  • Understand regulatory approval requirements
  • Understand potential reimbursement challenges in both the US and Europe


Existing approved products have demonstrated moderate efficacy, but there are long-term safety concerns. Key challenges are the numerous compounds with various mechanisms that are in development, patient access and reimbursement hurdles, and treatment differences between the US and Europe. Physicians and patients are eager for new therapeutic options, but want products that are more effective and safer than existing products.

Key initiatives developed and implemented:

  • Identify top-20 gastroenterology KOLs in the US and Europe
  • Recruit 10 KOLs for one-on-one consultation interviews
  • Develop interview guide for interviews
  • Summarize each KOL interview
  • Develop summary slide presentation

The outcomes of these initiatives were:

  • Enhanced understanding of current treatment approaches
  • Understanding of physicians perceptions of currently available products and unmet needs
  • Identification of potential target patient population for product
  • Recommendations on clinical study design and endpoints, as well as demonstrating long-term benefit from treatment
  • Recommendations for overcoming potential regulatory and reimbursement hurdles
  • Enhanced confidence in forecast assumptions, and likely market dynamics at launch

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