Project specifications

One year prior to launch of new (and much larger) secondary indication, we developed and implemented a comprehensive professional education plan.


Key challenges were wide-spread, off-label use that was driving adverse events and reputation of product as being difficult to use and unpredictable. An additional challenge was an entirely new Brand Team recently put into place to launch the secondary indication.

Key initiatives developed and implemented:

  • Comprehensive product story and key message development
  • Training program
    • “Scalable” to meet increased demand
    • Standardized training curriculum to decrease incidence of adverse events, optimize patient outcomes, and leverage learnings from clinical experiences
    • Trainers meetings on standardized curriculum and patient demonstrations of injection technique
  • Advocate development and planning
    • Key opinion leader (KOL) profiling
    • Detailed KOL plan
    • Establish core group of Advisors to provide strategic counsel

The outcomes of these initiatives were:

  • Enhanced understanding of healthcare providers perceptions of the product
  • Decrease in communications about the product being difficult or unpredictable
  • Successful training program roll out—95% of Trainers attended and accepted standardized training curriculum and technique

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