Project specifications

Aggressively prepare the ophthalmology and retina specialists markets to rapidly accrue Phase III trials and generate enthusiasm for new product entrant that could provide “game changing” outcomes.


Key challenges were limited experiences with product outside of a select group of national key opinion leaders, main competitor would reach market approximately 2 years ahead of product, and company's lack of experience and recognition in the ophthalmology market.

Key initiatives developed and implemented:

  • Medical education plan
    • Advisory Board meetings
    • Clinical slide kit
    • Key opinion leader profiling
    • Detailed plan to develop relationships with KOLs
    • Strategic meeting plan for data release and activities
  • Understanding of Value of Patient-Reported Outcomes
    • Convened group of experts to help company to understand the value of SF-36 Activities of Daily Living data captured in clinical trials
    • Unique product positioning and message elements

The outcomes of these initiatives were:

  • Enhanced understanding of how the product is different from competitors
  • Anticipation and excitement for clinical results
  • Investigator and patient recruitment completed ahead of schedule
  • Product was market leader within 6 months of launch, and in 2007 estimated sales were $450M

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