Project specifications

Develop an overarching medical education and publications strategy that supported first-generation product, while setting the stage for the second-generation product.


Worked with key player in oncology market to develop strategic publications plan for a supportive care product. Shortly after beginning work on product we were awarded the strategic publications account for second-generation product. The second-generation product was in Phase II development, and was beginning trial design for Phase III trials in the US.

Key initiatives developed and implemented:

  • Comprehensive product story and key message development
  • Strategic publications plan, including management of numerous abstract submissions and poster/oral presentations, as well as clinical trial results and secondary publications
  • Medical education initiatives to support market expansion
    • Advisory Board meetings
    • Corporate-sponsored symposia
    • Clinical slide kit including regular updates as new data was published
  • Competitive intelligence including scientific reviews of competitors data presented at national association meetings, as well as counter-positioning document

The outcomes of these initiatives were:

  • Prolific data dissemination via published articles, abstract submissions and acceptances
  • Supported indication expansion and launch of follow-on indications in oncology and beyond
  • Changed the standard of care to second-generation product within 2 years of launch, and in 2007 estimated worldwide sales of $900M

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