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Pre-commercial planning

  • Strategic marketing—Target product profile, messages, positioning, key attributes, hurdles
  • Clinical and regulatory—Study design, end points, target patient population, long-term benefits (ie, health-related quality of life, patient outcomes)

Lifecycle management opportunities

  • Recommendations for new indications, formulations, delivery devices, follow-on/next-generation molecules

Strategic publications planning

  • Topics for primary and secondary articles
  • Author and journal selection and management
  • Medical writing and editing resources

Comprehensive advocate development plan

  • Involve/engage specific advocates in product development, clinical trials, product marketing, or consultancy initiatives

Promotional medical education planning and programming

  • Advisory Board meetings
  • Communication mechanisms to Advisors (ie, newsletters, secure web portals, etc.)
  • Speaker/Trainer meetings

Medical and scientific conference planning

  • Strategic planning for data release, abstract submission and deadlines, and processes for submitting abstracts
  • Meet-and-greet meetings with Thought Leaders and Advisors
  • Conference coverage of key sessions, including Executive Summaries

Constituency group and professional association relationships

  • Comprehensive audit of groups to determine mission and identify synergies
  • Relationship development plan

Project management and meeting/event planning

  • Manage day-to-day project implementation activities

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